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Woven Poly - CUSTOM: 12 Mil

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For a thicker, more durable stock, Left Coast Wholesale offers 9 and 12 mil woven greenhouse poly with custom-cut option. The 9 mil woven greenhouse poly has an 87% light transmission rating and a 63% diffusion rating. The 9 mil woven poly is also coated with the anti-condensation coating, making it ideal for warmer climates and offering some reduction in heat retention.

The 12 mil woven greenhouse poly offers 82% light transmission and diffusion and is available with an anti-condensation coating option. 12 mil woven poly is ideal for hotter climates subject to intense direct sunlight for long periods of time and offers the greatest reduction in heat retention in our offerings.

Woven poly covers are more durable than the non-woven poly stocks, making them less susceptible to rips and tears from frequent use and harsh weather conditions. The improved durability of this stock makes it a great choice for your greenhouse.

Optional upgrades for all woven stocks are hem and grommets, which can be placed on the corners only or at an interval distance of your choice.