Wall Mount Duct Shutter 4 - White Steel 4" Wall Mount Duct Shutter

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A wall-mounted shutter designed for use with grow rooms, dryers, attics, and other HVAC applications.
Features built-in rubber stoppers that dampen slamming vent blades and ensure complete blockage.
Non-return thin louvers that close when fan is not in use to prevent outside air and debris from entering.
Durable, lightweight steel body that is rust-resistant can withstand most weather conditions.
Duct Opening Diameter: 4 inches | Front Plate Size: 6.69” | Finish: Powder Coat

A louver vent hood designed to protect fans from and prevent entry of dust, debris and outside air into ducting. Each shutter vent features rubber pads that repress the sound of slamming louvers while ensuring a complete seal from the outside elements. The thin shutter blades automatically open when the duct fan runs and closes when not in use, ensuring one-way airflow that keeps the ducting clear. Durable, lightweight steel makes up the whole-body frame and vent blades, enabling them to withstand all kinds of weather and temperatures.

This fan wall shutter is specially made to be used in applications such as grow rooms, garages, tumble dryers, bathrooms, attics, sheds, and greenhouses. The round duct tailpiece is compatible with 4” inline exhaust fans, ductwork, or other ventilation accessories and can be secured using aluminum foil tape or duct clamps.