Twister T2 Trimming Machine Spare Parts Kit

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Twister T2 Trimmer Spare Parts Kit

Parts included in this kit:

(x5) T2 Shroud Foam Strip 1/2 x 22
(x1) T2 Roller Replacement Kit
(x2) T2 Blade V-Belt Twistloc
(x2) T2 Tumbler V-Belt
(x1) T2 Nylon Brush
(x1) T2 Nitrided Bedknife
(x1) Cotter Pin Locking 1/2" x 1-1/2" - Pack of 4
(x1) Pull Pin Ss 1/2 x 2.06 - Pack of 2
(x2) Flange Mounted Bearing
(x1) T2 Bearing Overhaul Kit (reel Blade)
(x1) Double Pushbutton Two Pack