Twister T2 Trimmer

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When it comes to your harvest every decision affects the bottom line. To mitigate risk and production downtime choose a trimming system that not only produces a uniform consumer-ready product but more importantly meets the required standards and regulations.

Harvest with Confidence

#1 Used Trimming System Among Commercial Producers

With over a decade of research and innovation, the Twister T2 is the number one used trimming system among commercial producers worldwide and is engineered to meet the volume and regulations of today’s most demanding cannabis and hemp facilities.

The new T2–built with the same consistency, durability and reliability that medium to large scale producers have grown to love and now through working alongside the most strict producers to ensure your production meets the required health and safety requirements


Protect Your
Product & People

Providing a safe working environment that meets health regulations is a competitive edge and gives your harvest crew the reassurance their wellbeing matters and the wellbeing of your end customer matters. What does this ultimately mean–you attract and retain quality people, provide a quality product and build customer loyalty.

The all new T2 was built in conjunction with the leading licensed producers to be compliant with health and safety requirements and regulations on a global scale. Built with stainless steel, food safe materials and equipped with full guarding, safety sensors, and emergency stops to ensure safety as well as making it easier to clean and withstand, rather than degrade the machine, when using QA approved cleaning products.


Strength in Numbers

Twister’s proprietary single piece flow design allows for continuous run time with no interruptions or downtime. Add conveyors to perform ongoing quality control throughout your trimming process. Run in configurations up to 4 in a row, for a total production speed of up to 160 lbs/hr!

Start with one, add a second or third, and when you’re ready slide in a fourth. No additional labor required!


Why EVERY Twister Trimmer
has nitrided blades!

Hardened steel
Increased tensile strength
Increased corrosion resistance
Increased wear resistance
Less wear on blades
Less buildup on the blades
Blades stay sharp longer
Materials are approved for contact with food products


Up to 11lbs/hr*

* dry when trimming under Twister recommended conditions (or 23lbs trimming wet)


Trimming Capacity: