Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine

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The latest addition to the family, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer, a brand new solution for cultivators.
Built with cultivators who prefer dry trimming and a batch style workflow in mind, the brand new BatchOne trimmer offers industry leading throughput and quality trim, all in one mobile unit.
We understand how important your craft is to you which is why we focused on all the little details that matter: producing a great trimmed product, intuitive user experience, simple leaning and no-nonsense portability.
With the ability to trim up to 88 lbs dry per hour, the BatchOne allows you to move through your harvest quickly so you can accelerate your time to market and maximize your return on investment.
Designed with ultrafine saddle adjustments and paired with a ¼ HP motor prevents stalling, unlike competitors, to provide the confidence needed to walk away while achieving the industry’s tightest batch style trim.

Trims up to 88 lbs/hr Dry
Industry's Largest Batch Style Tumbler - 40% Larger than Closest Competitor
Load & Unload Product from Both sides - 5 Postion Pivoting
Industry Leading Horsepower - 30% Bigger Motor
Simple Product Storage - Food Grade, Stackable & Nestable Trim Bins
Tighter Trim - Finer Incremental Saddle Adjustments
Quick Release Tumbler - Without Needing to Remove & Misplace Fasteners
Pressure Washdown Rated - Removable Control Box
Easy Tranport - 360 Degree Rotating Caster
Fits through standard doors - 32 Inch Width
Dont Risk Operation Shutdown - UL & CSA Compliant
FDA Compliant - Stainless Steel tumbler & aluminum body
Mitigate Stalling - 30% more power than the competition