Twister Aluminum Nesting Drying Rack System, 20 Trays

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Designed for producers with high-humidity environments, strict screening, and storage constraints. Made of high-density natural polypropylene mesh with the optimal open rate and space between ledges so air can properly circulate between trays.

Maximize airflow and make drying a breeze. Unlike tall trays, where the product has a tendency to pile on top of each other and thus creating a mold-supported environment, our low-height trays encourage single layer product drying. With spaces for 20 trays, you get the maximum drying per square foot.

Engineered from clear anodized aluminum, the rack provides strength all while being lightweight for easy transport. Mounted on 4 easy swivel casters allows for omnidirectional maneuverability. When not in use, the racks can be nested to save space.

Details of the Twister Drying Rack

Maximum ventilation holes on sides & bottom
Reinforced with ribs and rim to maximize rigidity
Nesting storage allows more space when not in use
Food grade high density polyethylene
U. V. stabilized
Lightweight clear anodized aluminum
100% recyclable material
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe
Comes with 0, 10, or 20 trays
Tray hold .5 lbs of dry flower, 2.5 lbs wet flower