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Tribus® Original Is a combination of naturally occurring plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria that colonize the root zone of plants and increase growth by enhancing macro and micronutrient availability. The high concentration of bacteria in Tribus® Original populate the area on and near plant roots, increasing plant productivity In all environments. Tribus® Original is compatible with all growing media and fertilization programs.

Dosage/Application Rate(s)
Applying Tribus® Original early in the plant’s life cycle encourages rapid establishment of Bacillus biofilms on plant roots. The preemptive colonization
of roots by Bacillus species, helps mitigate stress, encourages rapid plant
growth, and aids in root exploration and development.

Use on all stages of plant growth from seedling through harvest. Use at least once per week or as frequently as every watering

Lite: 0.5mL/gallon
Recommended: 1mL/gallon
Heavy: 2mL/gallon