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Tappin' Roots All Stages Natural Root Stimulant + All Stage Growth Catalyst + Vitality Booster

Used by growers for several generations, Tappin' Roots All Stages is a 100% natural nutrient that triggers fast growth in all plants at any stage of development. Tappin' Roots is made from a blend of wild botanical extracts rich in growth & health stimulating properties. When these extracts are applied, plants respond with fast growth, brilliant vitality and an increased ability to fend off a variety of stressors. Visible results can be seen within days of application.

Tappin' Roots provides multiple benefits to plants at any stage of growth, but truly works wonders on cuttings and transplants. New cuttings watered and misted with Tappin' Roots will sprout root nodes in as little as 24 hours with new root growth in about 3 days! Use on established plants as a growth stimulant and ailing plants as a vitality booster. Tappin’ Roots will increase propagation success rate and virtually eliminate transplant shock. It can be used as a foliar spray with zero risk of burning, even under lights. After propagation and transplant, the natural ingredients will increase plants' natural defenses and continue to help it grow strong with increased vigor.

Continued use will encourage strong growth, increase plants' natural defenses and heighten overall vitality.


  • Promotes superior and vigorous root growth
  • Promotes strong vegetative/foliage growth
  • Promotes upgraded flowering and fruiting
  • Encourages healthy plant growth processes
  • Quickly boosts plant vitality and vigor
  • Virtually eliminates transplant shock & stress
  • Provides essential micronutrients
  • Can be used on any plant, any size, at any stage of growth
  • Greatly increases success rate of seeds, cuttings, clones, and transplants
  • Can be used in stronger dilutions with zero risk of nutrient lockout
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with any feeding regimen
  • Compatible with all growing mediums & systems
  • Safe, nontoxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly
  • Effective alternative to synthetics
  • Fast-acting botanical formula
  • Visible results in 1-3 days
  • Zero risk of burning
  • 100% Natural
  • PH neutral

How to Use:

Dilute 30 ml/gal. This dose can be increased with zero negative side effects. Use as a root drench and/or a foliar spray. Add to cloning machines, drip, hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Can be used as often as every watering.

Green Manufacturing:

The ingredients in Tappin' Roots are derived from wild harvested sources. Dandelion Enterprises (the makers of Tappin' Roots) utilizes a proprietary & chemical free extraction process to preserve the integrity of each ingredient.

Use As:

  • Natural root growth solution
  • All stages growth stimulant
  • Additive/catalyst to nutrient regimens
  • Transplant shock buffer
  • Foliar nutrient spray
  • Immunity booster

Use on:

  • All cuttings and clones (has shown close to 100% success rate)
  • All transplants to ensure a healthy, strong transition
  • Established plants as a growth stimulant
  • Ailing plants as a vitality booster
  • All plants for improved growth and health

Compatible with:

  • All nutrient regimens and systems
  • All soil and soilless media
  • Cloning machines, drip, hydroponic and aeroponic systems

Derived from:

kelp extract, willow extract, calcium