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Sungrower Duramax 200 - 36' x 50'

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Duramax 200 is a 12 mil woven poly greenhouse cover that permits 85% light transmission in greenhouse environments. Duramax 200 greenhouse covers are graded to last 6 years under normal climate and growing conditions. Ideal for hoop houses and greenhouses in hotter climates, Duramax 200 is a cost-effective and manageable solution for greenhouse growing that will last for years to come.

Why use Duramax 200?

Duramax 200 is a relatively thick greenhouse cover designed for greenhouses exposed to intense sunlight and high temperatures. Woven poly greenhouse covers like Duramax 200 offer a number of benefits that nonwoven counterparts do not. Woven poly covers are far less susceptible to damage from rapidly shifting temperatures, debris, hail, and adverse weather conditions that can prematurely end your growing season than nonwoven poly covers, and they do not bear the risk of cracking or breaking like plastic panels. Poly greenhouses also have fewer shade spots due to fewer structural requirements than plastic panel greenhouses as well as better overall material longevity for setup and takedown. Plastic panels can cost on average $2.50 per square foot, whereas greenhouse poly comes in at a fraction of that price, providing nearly tenfold savings on infrastructure with superior diffusion rates for the price.

Available in pre-cut sizes ranging from 25’ width x 50’ length to 50’ width x 150’ length.

Greenhouse poly can be easily repaired with repair tape to fix punctures and small rips. We also carry repair tape in multiple sizes and styles to fit the needs of any grower.