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Sungrower Black - White Grow Bag - 30 GAL - 10 CT - Case of 10

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Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags are black on the inside and white on the outside to create a light-proof barrier against algae growth while providing 92% reflectivity to ensure a cooler root zone. The bags are UV stabilized and constructed with holes to prevent pockets of excessive moisture throughout the grow bag. Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags are great even in hot environments because they can regulate temperature as excess heat is able to escape from all sides of the grow bag, keeping the roots cool and your plants happy!
While these facts are impressive on their own, what really sets these Sungrower Grow Bags apart is how convenient they’ll make growing what you want where you want. Sungrower Grow Bags are easy to set up, allowing you to grow vegetables in any sunny spot you have available: your deck, a patio, and even your front porch. With Sungrower Grow Bags, you pick what soil to use so there’s no need to worry about tilling or amending nutrient-poor soil–you can start out with the best!

After the growing season is over, you’ll have it just as easy. Sungrower Grow Bags will last you season after season, and storage is a snap. After emptying the soil, simply fold Sungrower Grow Bags flat and store them away for next spring. They’re ultra-light and won’t clutter up your shed.
Sungrower Black and White Grow Bags are an economical choice for a first-time gardener and large-scale container growers.