Single Hand Q Series V8 Professional Pruner

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The Zenport QV8 8-inch secateurs are pruning shears designed for intensive commercial use, and are ideal for landscapers, arborists, and arboriculturists.

Ergonomically shaped, die-caste aluminum handles for superior strength while still remaining light and well balanced in the hand.
Hard chrome plated blade is rust-resistant and easy to wipe clean.
Unique squeeze-to-open handle with spring-loaded locking catch opens automatically when handles are pressed together.
Simply secure shut with your thumb when finished cutting.
Urethane cushioning on each handle to ensure your hands are not placed under excessive stress.
All The Zenport replacement parts are compatible in performance and design with equivalent Japanese industry standard models. Length: 200mm; weight: 220g; cut: 20 mm.
Replacement Parts Available