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SEQUOIA 100 Gallon Tan w/ Vertical Supports - Black Thread/Tan Fabric - Case of 15

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The Sequoia Large 100 Gallon fabric pot is the smart pot option for potting trees as well as for raised bed gardening. The large size offers lots of possibilities for backyard gardening, urban gardening, rooftop gardening and balcony gardening.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive rigid upper rim for easy filling and watering
Aerates the root zone and air-prunes roots
Faster plant growth
Higher harvest yields
Made from a superior quality BPA free / heavy metal free fabric
Raw material for fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles
UV resistant for optimal protection from harsh outdoor conditions
Tan fabric absorbs less heat for optimal root zone temperature
Folds flat for space saving storage
Washable and reusable
Size: 38×20