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Sea Green Hydro is formulated especially for hydroponics. It foams less than the regular formula of Sea Green, yet still provides the same superb “compost-tea extract” that boosts plant nutrient uptake during all the stages of your plant’s life cycle. It can be used with our nutrients or with your current feeding program. This super concentrate has organic chelators, surfactants , sugars, and amino acids for optimal soil and plant support. Increase quantity and quality of your product while increasing plant health and vigor.Effective in soil or hydroponics, with organic or salt-based nutrients, as our product will rapidly respond to any growing environment.Buffer against salt and high EC conditions associated with poor soil or heavy feeding.See results quickly with Sea Green, which breathes new life into your garden in a single application. Sea Green for Hydroponics! Foams less than regular formula and tweaked ever so slightly to behave more appropriately for the hydroponics reservoir environment. Increase nutrient uptake, soil conditioning, and plant vigor in all stages from rooting to fruiting.Increases nutrient consumption under any condition.Regulates beneficial nutrients.Can be combined with any nutrient program. FOR SOIL WELL AMENDED WITH MINERALS AND ORGANIC MATTER Use any brand Cal/Mag as directed throughout vegetative growth and week 1 of flower.Add supplemental organic nitrogen as needed in mid/late veg through early flower (e.g. top dress a high nitrogen amendment [like fish meal or bat guano] or water in 5-1-1 fish hydrolysate).