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Royal Gold Tupur - LCW Warehouse - 1.76 CFT BAG - Pallet of 65

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Royal Gold Tupur is a blank slate coco-fiber based growing media for high-performance feeding regimens.
A coco fiber-based soilless product with an ideal balance of oxygen and water-holding capacity, Tupur can be watered up to six times a day and is the ideal choice for automated watering systems. More frequent feeding and watering will allow the plant to reach its full potential and improve yields at harvest.

This blend does well in drip, ebb-and-flow, deep water culture, and aquaponics systems. Tupur has quickly become a household name for cultivation experts and enthusiasts from coast to coast thanks to its simple composition that allows it to be successful in nearly any grow scenario.

INGREDIENTS: Coco Fiber, Aged Forest Materials, Perlite, Basalt
Available in 1.76-cubic foot bags from our warehouse or 1.76-cubic foot bags and 2 Yard Totes direct from the manufacturer.

Contact for truckload orders.