TrolMaster - Rj12 Extension Cable Set: 1x 16' RJ12 Cable; 1x 4' RJ12 Cable; 1x RJ12 T- Spliter

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TrolMaster modules and sensors all come complete with a RJ12 16ft cable, Y-splitter and RJ12 4 ft cable to connect to the Hydro-x. When connecting modules that are farther apart, you can use the Extension cable set ECS-1. The ECS-1 comes complete with another 16ft cable, Y-splitter and 4 ft cable.


Plug & Play

Included In Box:

1 x Male-to-Male 16ft RJ12 Cable

1 x Male-to-Male 4ft RJ12 Cable

1 x RJ12 T-Splitter

Technical Specifications:

Packaging Dimensions:                      156mm(L) x 83mm(W) x 30mm(H)

Approx. G.W. per pack:                        0.18kgs