Revolution RLC1 Digital Lighting Controller

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Raw power and lighting intensity is nothing without smart control. That’s why Revolution Microelectronics developed the RLC-1 Smart Lighting Controller concurrently with their DEva lighting system. While the DEva can work with your existing lighting controller, the RLC-1 can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming up your plants just as Mother Nature does. It also features brown-out/black-out detection and timing for optimal light restart, a built-in clock, and 30-year rated battery backup.
Crucially, the RLC-1 can even sense when temperatures in your indoor garden are too high and can automatically respond by dimming your lamps, thereby mitigating environmental stress and crop damage. Output power can be fine-tuned from 600W up to 1150W in 1% increments.
The RLC-1 connects with up to 512 DEva 1000W grow lights (spread across two zones) using “buy them anywhere” standard telephone cables.
But what about plugging in the RLC-1 in Australia? UK? Japan? Russia? With Revolution Microelectronics' World Plug power supply, you just snap in the plugset that fits your local outlets, and off you go. No matter where you are, they’ve got you covered—right out of the box.