Rack Panel Blank 2U Aluminium, Machined

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Designed to be installed into high-end AV and home theater racks, and takes 2U of rack space.
Blank panel helps conceal gaps in the rack and supports proper thermal control by directing airflow.
Constructed with high-grade alloy aluminum, anodized black with a light brushed finish.
CNC-machined rounding and chamfering on all corners and edges for a high-end look.
Top and bottom flanges curved back to increase strength, and a professional appearance.

AC Infinity aluminum rack panels are designed for high-end audio video and home theater racks. Each panel is constructed with premium aluminum alloy, carefully anodized, brushed, and machined for a professional and detailed appearance. The panels can be used to conceal empty rack spaces for a uniform rack appearance and also provides rack rail support. Dual flanges and multiple reinforced horizontal bars on the backside for added strength. Supports proper thermal control by directing how the airflow moves throughout the rack and can be used in conjunction with a rack fan system. This panel takes 2U of rack space; 1U and 3U blank and vented panels are also available.

The panels are constructed from a solid block of high-grade alloy aluminum at 3mm thickness. Then anodized black with a light brushed finish. The panels are then CNC-machined, rounding each corner and chamfering each edge for a high-end look. Lastly, the top and bottom sides feature flanges that are curved back not only for added strength, but also to ensure a clean and professional appearance.