Purafil - SPHINX™ ODOR MAX Canister - Galvanized

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The Purafil Sphinx Odor Canister is used for the basic removal of VOCs, terpenes, odorous gases and other contaminants commonly found in indoor cultivation facilities

• For high concentrations of odorous gases and contamination
• Available in: Galvanized Steel and High-Impact Plastic
• Cylindrical design provides even air distribution across media
• Retrofits a wide range of housings
• Depths: 18" (45cm) and 24" (60cm)

Why Purafil Canisters?

• 90%+ removal efficiency in makeup and recirculation air
handling units
• Modular and flexible assembly
• Lightweight and easy to refill
• Low bypass and high-capacity design
• Ideal for use in: Indoor Grow Houses, Greenhouses,
Agricultural Facilities

Canister Holding Frames

• Made out of galvanized steel
• Can be retrofitted into current HVAC system or into
customized Purafil equipment