Purafil - SPHINX™ AC PELLET Canister

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SPHINX was designed for licensed producers (cultivators) to address the unique air quality needs of the grow market. Our custom grow market filtration helps remove heavy odors, control powdery mildew and mold, and protect crop yield. SPHNIX’s custom media blends remove 99.9% of odors commonly found in grow facilities, including mercaptans, aldehydes and terpenes.

The Purafil Sphinx Ac Pellet Canister is used for the basic removal of VOCs, terpenes, odorous gases and other contaminants commonly found in indoor cultivation facilities

• For high concentrations of odorous gases and contamination
• Available in: Galvanized Steel and High-Impact Plastic
• Cylindrical design provides even air distribution across media
• Retrofits a wide range of housings
• Depths: 18" (45cm) and 24" (60cm)

Why Purafil Canisters?

• 90%+ removal efficiency in makeup and recirculation air
handling units
• Modular and flexible assembly
• Lightweight and easy to refill
• Low bypass and high-capacity design
• Ideal for use in: Indoor Grow Houses, Greenhouses,
Agricultural Facilities

Canister Holding Frames

• Made out of galvanized steel
• Can be retrofitted into current HVAC system or into
customized Purafil equipment