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Plasma Air 50 Series Industrial Ionizer

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Plasma Air models 51E, 51F, 52E, and 52F ion generators are 5-tube industrial quality units intended for installation in air handling units or in duct systems for commercial and industrial facilities. This ionization equipment is effective in reducing harmful pollutants and odors by introducing positive and negative ions into the system. The number of units and the size of the ionization tubes are dependent upon the airflow in the system and the severity of the pollution problem.

This model has been used effectively to reduce odors in grow rooms and drying rooms. Odors are removed quickly and effectively via this simple HVAC .

Model number nomenclature is further specified as follows: 5XY: X = 1 (120 Volts) or 2 (230 Volts) Y = E (E-tubes) or F (F-tubes) For example, a 51F is a 120 Volt, 5 tube unit with F-tubes



120V AC / 230V AC


30, 50 watts


Up to 10,000 CFM