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Pacific Substrates - Paddy Poo - Mushroom Growing Substrate

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Designed to meet the needs of all levels of growers by making commercial-quality materials available at a lower cost, Pacific Substrates utilizes efficient procedures to create these custom blends of mushroom compost and spawn and bring truly superior products to the market.
Industry-leading quality includes a 6 month shelf life and top-of-the-line ingredients. All products are packaged in XLS-T bags and fully sterilized to ensure successful and non-contaminated colonization of the chosen mushroom spores.

Pacific Substrates Paddy Poo™ is a broad range compost-based substrate mix that will help you grow incredible mushrooms. This rapidly colonizing blend promotes increased yields and provides an ideal nutrient profile for compost-loving mushroom varieties.

Suitable for use with all compost-loving mushroom spores.
Includes premium compost, coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, and lime.
Sterilized to ensure successful colonization without contamination.
Packaged in XLS-T bags for easy transport and efficient deployment.