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Octo-Flow Irrigation Manifold - White - Case of 20

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Octo-Flow was designed by irrigation professionals for simple, controlled, multi-plant watering.
The Octo-Flow is an 8-port adjustable irrigation manifold that allows growers to dial in their irrigation setups easily at any scale. The patented design allows users to control flow rate with ease thanks to the innovative hex key plunger system, which modifies flow rates from 0-50 gallons per hour with a simple turn of the key. In addition to an adjustable flow rate configuration, the Octo-Flow can be quickly and easily converted into a full-open flow unit with a 667 gallon-per-hour flow rate. Octo-Flow units have a 1/2” NPT inlet port and fit 1/4” or 3/16” tubing, making them an ideal choice for irrigation setups on any scale. Octo-Flow units are made from a recyclable, UV-resistant Noryl ABSL Plastic specially selected to withstand even the most demanding of growing conditions for multiple seasons.

Irrigation setups can be time-consuming and difficult to dial in evenly, especially with large scale grows. Octo-Flow saves users time and money in both the setup and maintenance of their growing operations. Octo-Flow eliminates the need for excessive equipment and can be attached directly to your water lines. The wide-mouth 1/2” NPT inlet port attaches easily to 1⁄2” risers and makes it ideal for running fertilizer solutions of any type. It won’t clog even when running thick, organic fertilizer solutions. Adjusting and fine-tuning your water delivery rates as well as ensuring consistency in delivery are key, and Octo-Flow units simplify this process without the need for excessive amounts of tiny parts that can be easily lost or removed unintentionally during the maintenance of your irrigation system. Octo-Flow units also remove the hassle and headache associated with cleaning your irrigation manifolds, The wide chamber is easily maintained with a bottle brush and some cleaning solution of your choice. Best of all, the units are small and compact, unlike other adjustable manifolds, and can be tucked beneath a grow table or rolling bench with ease to allow for easier navigation and maintenance.

The Octo-Flow’s plunger system allows users to easily adjust for the desired flow rate with the turn of a key, replacing the traditional and inefficient flow rate adjustment attachments seen with most multi-port irrigation manifolds. The 2-in-1 system converts easily with the help of a screw-off cap and removable plunger, which are quickly replaced by an o-ring and plug for the open flow mode of 667 gallons per hour. No more fiddling with tiny inserts and constantly cleaning and adjusting your irrigation system. Just dial it in and get growing!