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Non-Woven Blackout Poly - CUSTOM: 6 Mil - 20' - 54' Wide (Min. Length 100')

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The Blackout Greenhouse poly can be custom cut for your greenhouse and ensures no light will reach your plants until you want it to! Left Coast Wholesale offers two options for blackout greenhouse poly: non-woven available in 6 mil and woven available in 9 mil and 12 mil. Blackout Poly is the ideal covering for light-deprivation greenhouse setups and is black on one side with a reflective white outer layer to further prevent light penetration. Using blackout poly on your greenhouse is found to result in improved production and increased plant yield that comes from growing year-round regardless of weather conditions, and it is seen as a more eco-friendly growing practice.
Non-woven Blackout Poly is available in 6 mil thickness and pre-cut sizes.

Non-woven Blackout Poly is a cost-effective solution for light-deprivation setups that provides maximum light blockage to control the photoperiod of flowering plants, creating the proper environment for flower production. Non-woven Blackout Poly is an excellent way to get a quick start on a light deprivation setup as it can be easily adapted to any greenhouse setup and requires no retrofitting.