Netafim Pressure Compensating Standard Spray Stake Single Pattern - 3.2 GPH (Plum) (50/Bag)

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Netafim PC (Pressure Compensating) Spray Stakes ensure every pot in the entire system receives exactly the same amount of water, from the first to the last. The spray pattern angles downward - just enough - to keep the spray on the soil and not flying into or over the wall of the pot. For simplicity, some growers place the spray stake near the edge of the pot, making the single-sided spray stake the best selection. Other growers prefer our unique 'bow-tie' double-spray pattern. Pair the 3.2 GPH spray stakes with the Netafim 36 in (40201-002020) or 48 in (40201-024700) single spray stake assembly and the 6.6 GPH spray stakes with the Netafim 36 in (40201-002320) or 48 in (40201-024800) single spray stake assembly.


Pressure Compensating Spray Stakes

Netafim PC Spray Stakes are pressure compensating with a check valve for improved control of water and fertilizers. The efficient spray pattern wets the soil surface to maximize water retention while misting is nearly eliminated and wind drift is prevented. The simple construction, easy close-off mechanism, and resistance to sunlight, fertilizers and chemicals means long-life reliability.

Why PC Spray Stakes

  • Superior Wetting of the Soil Mix
  • Uniform watering from the first to last pot
  • Eliminates Misting
  • Efficient spray patterns
  • Simple, secure shut-off
  • Adaptable to all soil media types

Product Advantages

  • Spray Patterns Designed for Nursery Containers Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants
  • Simplifies Design Layout Reduces system costs
  • Simple, Secure Shut-Off Prevents water waste and accidental close-offs
  • Adaptable to All Soil Media Types Stake or rod mount options available
  • Full Range of Flows
  • Low Maintenance Lowers cost of operation
  • Easy Installation Prevents problems that increase installation costs


  • Watering System for Potted Plants and Nursery Containers



  • Filtration Operating: 120 Mesh
  • Operating Pressure: 4.12”
  • Stake Length: Black Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Tubing:  White Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Spray Radius: 12” - 16”
  • Spray Pattern: 160 Degrees

 *Based on flow at an average of 15 psi


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