Netafim NetBow 25CM/10" 8 Outlets Barb GR.60/CAR (Box of 60)

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The Netafim NetBow Drip Ring is an innovative new produce that provides superb water distribution uniformity in 5-10 gallon containers. Each NetBow contains 8 drippers based on Netafim Typhoon technology which ensure high clogging resistance. The NetBow is also easy to install in each container and remove when the season is complete. 

The NetBow can be run at 15 psi as a non-compensating device, or it can be connected to a Netafim PCJ "hub dripper" for CNL pressure compensation. In this configuration the hub dripper determines the overall flow rate of the ring, through a length of 1/8" Super-Flex Tubing. Recommended drippers are 2 LPH PCJ  Barb Outlet for 1/2 gph flow rate, 4 LPH PCJ Barb Outlet for 1 gph or 8 LPH PCJ Barb Outlet for 2 gph. The overall flow rate of the hub dripper will be evenly distributed among the 8 outlets in the Ring. See the NetBow Installation Guide (below) for more details.

Put water exactly where you need it using the Netafim NetBow.

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