NatureVac Vacuum Seal

NatureVAC 15''x19.5' Vacuum Seal Bags Aluminum Mylar (2 Rolls)

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Seal in meats, herbs, seafood, fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, lentils, cheese, coffee, leftovers and more! NatureVac blocks out harmful light and optimizes product consistency. This Aluminum material is thick, strong and durable ensuring the best results time after time. NatureVac Locks out moisture and air, Reduces freezer burn and Seals in freshness. NatureVac rolls are compatible with NatureVac brand sealers and most other brands.

Size: 15''x19.5'
Qty: 2 Rolls per box
Color: Aluminum/Silver

Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer, saving time and money.
- Lock out moisture and air, sealing in flavor, and eliminating odors.
- Reusable and flexible.
- Convenient and Versatile.

1. Fill the bag with contents.
2. Insert bag into NatureVac sealer (or compatible machine) making sure to line up the bag's opening with the vacuum channel (if bag opening is not completely inside the channel, vacuum action will not occur).
3. Press START or AUTO to begin. When the desired amount of air has been removed from bag, the SEAL button may be pressed to stop vacuum action and begin sealing. You may also wait for all the air to be removed from the bag, at which point the machine will begin sealing automatically.

Stored foods can be reheated to the boiling point in the bag or can be put directly in the microwave after piercing the bag. Place a small slit in the vacuum bag before heating cooked foods and before defrosting food in the microwave. Monitor vacuum bag during cooking on the stove. Make sure that the bag has at least one inch of water surrounding it so that the vacuum bag is not in direct contact with the bottom or sides of the pot. Contains no BPA (Bisphenol A) and is made from US FDA food safe materials. Follow US food safety guidelines. Do not reuse the vacuum bag after use with raw meats, greasy foods or seafood. Do not reuse vacuum bags after microwaving, steaming, or boiling. Do not use the vacuum bags in an oven or broiler.