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MushroomSupplies Grain Spawn - 3 LB - Case of 15

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Growers can start mushroom cultivation on the right foot with this proprietary blend of perfectly hydrated sterilized millet and hardwood oak dust for extremely fast colonization and maximized yields.

Sterilized millet and hardwood oak dust
Fast colonization
For use with a wide variety of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms
Lab-quality bag with 0.2 micron filter for perfect air flow

Mix 5 LBS of substrate for every 3 LBS of colonized grain.
Inject 10 ccs of spores or culture into the bag.
Store for a few weeks to fully colonize the bag of grain with mushroom mycelium.
Mix colonized grain and substrate in a monotub or grow bag.
Store until mixture is fully colonized.
Allow for air flow in your chosen environment.
Harvest mushrooms once they fruit.