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Mighty Bomb MBV2

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Mighty Bomb V2 has been formulated to be unlike anything on the market today. Our proprietary blend of naturally occurring plant-based substances are high in Octopamine blockers and eugenol. Mighty Bomb V2 is safe for use on all food crops! Octopamine regulates an insect’s heart rate, movement, behavior, and metabolism. Mighty Bomb V2 interrupts this process, rendering the insect unable to communicate with itself. The eggs, larvae, and adults are then killed by dehydration and suffocation. Mighty Bomb V2 is an Insecticide, Miticide, Mildewcide, and Plant Booster. MBV2 is the ultimate plant defense system. While defending your precious plants from insects, and powdery mildew. Our proprietary formula will coat powdery mildew so that it can no longer release spores and multiply throughout your garden.
Uses: Indoor, outdoor, fogging, ornamental and turf applications, mosquito misting, and food crops.
Mix: 1/2 oz/gal of water for flowering plants and 1 oz/gal for veg. plants and apply with a pump sprayer.
Keep out of reach of children.
This product is exempt from registration with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Under FIFRA Section 25(b) regulations.