Matrix M6 645W

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1. Optimized Light Intensity
The Matrix M series provides an exceptionally high and uniform light intensity, ensuring maximum crop yield and quality.

2. Supercharged by Samsung EVO
Equipped with Samsung 301H EVO diodes, Matrix M series offers the ability to finely adjust light intensity, allowing growers to tune brightness to meet the specific requirements of plants throughout their entire growth cycle.

3. Flexible Dimming Capability
With the Matrix controller, lights can be dimmed from 25% to 100%, allowing growers precise control over their lighting conditions.

4. Streamlined Installation
Matrix M series lights are equipped with built-in drivers, reducing complexity and installation time.

5. Versatile Applications
Suitable for a wide range of facilities, whether operated on a single or multi-layered system.

6. Long-Term Guarantee
We stand behind our products with a 5-year warranty, offering our customers peace of mind.