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Mars Hydro Ts 600 Led Grow Light + 2'x2'(60x60cm) Indoor Full Grow Tent Kits

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1x TS600, 1x 2x2ft Grow Tent(1680D Canvas), 1x 4 Inch Inline Flex Ducting
1x 4 Inch Inline Fan with Fan controller, 1x Carbon Air Filter, 1x Timer, 1x Thermos-hygrometer, 2x yoyo hangers, 2x Steel Clamps for Ventilation Kit 4x 5 Gal Grow Bags

【 High-Efficiency Grow Light】85-100w with 225 pcs diodes, highest par/lumen output(430umol@12"). Full-spectrum led grow lamp, ideal for all growth stages, perfect for 2'x2' veg footprint, 1.5'x1.5' bloom footprint.
【Durable Growing Tent】 Constructed with high-quality 1680D canvas, heavy-duty zippers, and double-stitched, which can perfectly lock light inside and tear-proof. Hydroponics grow tent is reinforced by the sturdy metal frame to ensure security and stability, bearing 88lb/40kg.
【Effective & Quiet Ventilation Kit】Excellent smell control, 4" Inline duct fan is rated for max 200CFM, noise min to 25dB. Filter with built-in Australian virgin charcoal granules which enables to absorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon.

Quantity of LEDs - 120V-225pcs, 240V-240pcs
Spectrum - 660-665nm, 3000-3200K, 6000-6500K
Par Value (PPF) - 189.12 umol/S
Input Power - 100W±5%@AC120V 99W±5%@AC240V
HPS/MH Replacement - 150W
Input Voltage - 110-130V 220-240V
Optimize Coverage - 2ft × 2ft 0.6m × 0.6m
Dimensions - 72*66*22 cm