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Mars Hydro SP3000 Dimmable Full Spectrum LED with 5x2ft Coverage

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Mars Hydro SP3000 LED with 5x2ft Coverage, with Samsung LM301B LEDs, Dimmable Full Spectrum, Meanwell driver, with suspending accessories, IP65

●【Best-Selling Samsung LM301B Leds】960pcss Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm led chips, higher quality & more efficiency.

●【Upgraded Sunlike Full Spectrum】More warm white and red chips added, extremely good for plants at all stages from veg to bloom.

●【Boom Yield & Increasing Crop Quality】High PPFD at 2.8 umol/j, average yield at 2.5g/w, increasing your yield 50% or more compared with old blurple and HPS lights.

●【Daisy Chain Dimming Function】 Dimmer knob added, more convenient to adjust the brightness. Up to 30 lights can be daisy-chained and control together on just one light.

●【No-fan Design & Aluminum Heatsink & Removable Driver】 No fan design, no noise. A whole layer of the aluminum heatsink achieving optimal heat dissipation. Removable driver and 2m extension cord helps lower the growing room temperature.

●【IP 65 Waterproof】 IP65 waterproof ratings, worry free in high humidity growing environment.

Quantity of LEDs - 960pcs Sumsung LM301B OSRAM 3030
Spectrum - 650-665nm, 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K
Par Value (PPF) - 821.18umol/S
Input Power - 300W±5%@AC120V 293W±5%@AC240V 292W±5%@AC277V
HPS/MH Replacement - 400W
Input Voltage - 100-277V
Optimize Coverage - 5ft × 2ft 1.5m × 0.6m
Dimensions - 15*15*114 cm