LuxStar T5 4' x 6 Bulbs Fixture w/ Bloom Bulbs

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LuxStar6 T5 Fluorescent Lights are 4 foot 6 light fixtures that are perfect space-saving lights as they have a super low profile! These fixtures also emit significantly less heat than other reflectors so they can be placed closer to the tops of plants, giving them that much more light! The LuxStar T5s use high-efficiency digital ballasts and high-output bulbs to create the most efficient light source. They also features dual power switches so you have the option of dimming the fixture by 50%. The LuxStar6 is extremely versatile and can be hung in 3 different ways: overhead, vertical, or horizontal.

This unit includes (6) 54 Watt 3000K InterLux Bloom Bulbs, perfect for the flowering plant stage.

The LuxStar6 measures 47''L x 18.5''W x 2.25''H