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Lumina is a bioavailable source of plant nutrients that can promote plant vigor and nutrition. Lumina may improve nutrient availability, especially when added to tank mixes containing additional nutrients. Lumina will improve crop tolerance to abiotic stress and improve overall crop nutrition while enhancing the function of beneficial microbes.

Lumina can be used to correct nutrient deficiency-based plant disorders and to recover crops affected by stress due to inefficient management. By promoting plant nutrition and vigor, Lumina boosts plant performance and can enhance crop quality and yields.

Dosage/Application Rate(s)
Field (amount per acre per application)

Root Drench: 0.5 - 4.0 liters (1-8 pints)
Foliar: 0.5 - 4.0 liters (1-8 pints)

Container (amount per gallon of water)
Root Drench: 10 - 20mL (2-4 tsp)
Foliar: 10-20mL (2-4tsp)

Use & Application
Shake well before use. Lumina™ may be used in field applications or in soil-based, soilless, or hydroponic growing media as a root drench throughout the entire plant life cycle up to the day of harvest. Foliar applications of Lumina are recommended during the vegetative growth phase and flowering phase until approximately 2 weeks prior to harvest. Lumina™ can be applied as frequently as needed based on crop requirements. Typically, Lumina™ should be applied once every 1-3 weeks in conjunction with a typical fertilizer regimen. For best results, Lumina™ can be tank-mixed with Tribus® for foliar and root drench applications.