Orcon live Ladybugs, 500 count, case of 24

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Ladybugs are the gardener's favorite friend. While they look friendly, each one can devour up to 50 aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mites, or other soft-bodied pests per day. Orcon's ladybugs only eat insects and do not harm vegetation in any way. As they eat they will lay eggs which will hatch into ladybug larvae. These larvae will also eat insects for about a week and then pupate for 3 to 4 days make a cocoon and finally before they emerge as adults.

Each container has about 500 ladybugs. They should be released in the evening since they do not fly at night and will spend the dark hours searching for food. The next morning, those that find insects to eat will stay and continue feeding.

For indoor use, they should be released at the beginning of the off cycle for the lights. This will give them a chance to settle down and search for food before the lights come back on. The ladybugs will do better if released 1/3rd at a time, with the balance kept in a refrigerator between releases.
• Can eat up to 50 mites per day
• Do not fly in the dark
• Shipped as live adults, ready to go to work
• Each selling unit contains 500 live ladybugs. You get 20 cups X 500 ladybugs for a total of 10,000 ladybugs
• The container is clear to make it easy to see the ladybugs before releasing
• The container has a re-closable lid making is easy to reseal and store in the refrigerator between releases use a few at a time