Liquid Ladybug

Liquid Ladybug 1 Gal Concentrate

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1 Gallon Concentrate makes 5 Ready to Use Gallons

Liquid Ladybug™is the first zero environmental impact spider mite spray. There is nothing remotely like it for safety and effectiveness available on the market today. Its list of new capabilities never seen before is formidable.

Using poison on plants is not the smart way to control spider mites. Liquid Ladybug™merely suffocates mites instead of poisoning them. Only a few organic oils are effective for spider mite control and most spider mite sprays try to employ these natural oils to no meaningful effect. Coating the plant in any oil can suffocate the plant by covering the Stoma openings that the leaf uses to breath. We have designed a formulation of oils to cause rapid evaporation using our innovative proprietary process. This makes Liquid Ladybug™the only miticide to evaporate off the plant in 25 to 40 minutes, and that’s why these same oils in other products can’t evaporate and do leave residues. Clever is better. Our scientist is trained in physics, chemistry, botany and physiology to integrate the requirements for safety not only for the plant, but for the person growing the plant. Liquid Ladybug™cannot hurt you or your plants. We have raised the bar in this industry for your safety. Try Liquid Ladybug™today, you’ll be glad you did!

Liquid Ladybug™is the best spider mite killer on the market today. It kills mites on contact and its knock down power is amazing. After all, dead mites can’t lay eggs and egg eradication is essential to ending an infestation. Our unique formula allows for daily use and a new regime of treatment is now available because Liquid Ladybug™does not stress plant tissue. Instead of having to wait six days between treatments, as required by other miticide’s, so the plant can recover from the treatment, you can apply Liquid Ladybug™daily. Our new way to knock out an infestation is spray two days in a row to kill all adult and nymph mite’s which will end the feeding frenzy. Then after six days spray one more time to kill any surviving eggs trying to hatch and that’s it. In hot weather its best to spray in the morning or evening because dwell time determines effectiveness. Outside in the summer and fall when the heat is on, Liquid Ladybug™will evaporate more rapidly so morning is the best time to apply. Also wind is a factor affecting evaporation time. When treating plants outside wait for still air, like in the morning. If it’s windy outside cover plants after application for about a half hour. In a controlled environment, like a greenhouse, spray anytime. Just turn fans off during treatment until Liquid Ladybug™evaporates.

Liquid Ladybug™is Effective at Controlling:
• Two spotted spider mites
• Red spider mites
• Red palm mite
• Cyclamen mites
• Broad mites
• Rust mites
• Aphids
• Fungus gnats
• Whiteflies
• Thrips