Lighthouse Tent Kit w/Sunburst CMh Grow Light and Ventilation Fans, 4' x 4'

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Hydrofarm has made it easy to start a tent grow by gathering several vital components into one package. The LHTENT44KS kit combines our Lighthouse 2.0 Controlled Environment 4' x 4' grow tent with the Sunburst 315W CMh 120/240V 3100K all-in-one system, two 188 CFM Active Air 6" inline booster fans for intake and exhaust, an Autopilot Analog Grounded Timer, and Heavy Duty Light Risers for safe and secure hanging of the Sunburst. The tent is 6.5 feet tall and offers multiple ventilation options with adjustable duct ports. It's a great match with the Sunburst CMh. With this kit, the choice of growing method and media (not included) is left to the customer. It makes a grow environment that is equally effective for all approaches—hydroponics, soil, and soilless gardens.