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Left Coast Bigfoot Bags - 18" x 24" - 25 CT

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For superior storage of processed product with tear-resistant material, look no further than Bigfoot Bags. 55% thicker than other bags on the market, our industrial-strength nylon polyethylene material results in durable, food-safe, smell-proof bags.

Now available in 25 CT and 100 CT and BULK Packs.

18″x 24″ bag with 5 mm seals
26.8 gram weight 55% thicker than other bags for superior storage
2 mil thick Nylon Polyethylene material is more durable and flexible than standard bags
USDA and FDA approved
BPA and heavy metal-free
Details: Material is a combination of polyethylene and nylon, resulting in strong, flexible construction with a great oxygen and moisture barrier.

Not for use in conventional or microwave ovens.