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Zenport ZJ124 Large Agri-Lock Trellis Wire Fastener.

For use with 8-10 gauge wire.
The Zenport Agri-Lock Wire-Lock fastener is a simple and reliable way to hold high-tensile wire together.
This unique wire joiner works anywhere you need to join wire quickly.
Up to six times faster than traditional methods of joining smooth wire and fencing.
Inside the Zenport Wire Lock Fastener, each wire moves in one direction only, passing over high precision gear-tooth rollers.
The moment any load is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers bite, locking the wire.
The Zenport Agri-Lock also features an easy to use release mechanism so that you can use the same Agri-Lock wire fastener, season after season!
Great quality to last! Better performance!
Use for in-line splices, loop anchoring and repairs in vineyards, orchards and farms.