Hydrogen Peroxide 34% - BioSol HP34 (34% peroxide) - Pallet

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Density Lbs/Gallon: 9.42

Unit Packaging: Drum

Number of Gallons Per Unit: 55

Number of Units Per Pallet: 4

Solugen’s BioPeroxide™ is our carbon-negative hydrogen peroxide product line. It is an excellent nontoxic, environmentally friendly oxidizer that can be used in a variety of applications.

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Product Comparison

A relative trend and oxidative rate of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizers are outlined below:

O> BioPeroxideTM > H2O> HOCl > ClO> KMnO> Cl> O2

There are exceptions depending on the compound being oxidized, as well as the environment. But the general trend is valid for most applications.