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Humboldt Nutrients Master AB 2-Part Box Starter Kit

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Humboldt Nutrients Master A&B is a premium two-part fertilizer program designed for all plants made with non-toxic, high quality ingredients.

This premium two-part basic starter kit provides the core nutrients in HN's Master A and B schedule along with two other important products for successful gardening: Ginormous, a bloom booster, and White Widow, a powerful mycorrhizal inoculant.

This kit acts as a solid base for new or experienced gardeners who want more control over the primary additives and can be expanded with other superb Humboldt Nutrients additives and products.

Kit contains the following:

  • Master A – 32oz.
  • Master B – 32oz.
  • Ginormous – 32oz.
  • Calyx Magnum – 32oz.