Heavy Duty Fabric Pots, 5 Gallon, 5-pack

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Garden grow bags designed to improve plant growth by air pruning roots and draining excess water.
Industry-leading thick nonwoven fabric is tearproof and provides insulation from inclement weather.
Durable, rugged handles with reinforced stitching provide portability and greater weight support.
Built-in metal rings enable midair hanging and twist tie passthrough for low stress plant training.
True Capacity: 3.4 Gallons | Thickness Rating: 320G | Quantity: 5-Pack | BPA-Free

A set of tough, heavy-duty fabric pots designed to promote healthier root structures and easily transport plants. By allowing roots to air-prune themselves, they create even coverage of your soil to best absorb water and nutrients. These fabric pots use 320G thick nonwoven fabric that supports more weight than other planters and provides insulation from inclement weather. This passively regulates their temperature to preserve your plant’s development, while the pot’s permeability prevents you from overwatering them. Its nonwoven fabric is also BPA-free which makes these garden bags environmentally friendly and safe to grow vegetables and other crops in.

Paired with durable handles that make transportation easy, these fabric pots feature metal rings that allow for plant hanging and twist ties to route through for low stress training. In addition, its heavy-duty, rugged build can withstand wear and tear and enables repeat use. Each planter will carry greater volume of soil and plants than other fabric pots, when filled to the dual stitch line, to provide more root space to thrive in.