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Harvest More Trim Bin - Filter

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Designed for optimal ergonomics, Trim Bin turns any chair or surface into a comfortable, organized trimming workspace. The bin’s high molded walls and rounded edges keep all plant materials contained, ensuring fast and easy cleanup. Durable and portable, Trim Bin features a two-part tray system that comes with a standard 150-micron screen to filter and collect finer plant matter. Left coast Wholesale offers additional accessories from Harvest More including a 220-micron screen that is an interchangeable option for users who want to collect larger plant matter particles. Harvest time can already be stressful; the ergonomic design and additional accessories from Harvest More will make any harvest season as comfortable as it can be.

The Trim Bin Filter by Harvest More is the fastest way to trim and sort product. The filter quickly separates trimmings and unwanted sizes into the attached collection bag while working. Use the Trim Bin Filter as a light-weight stand-alone workstation, or you can stack it with the original Trim Bin set for maximum processing efficiency.

You can attach a collection bag to the Trim Bin Filter below its filter to capture sorted materials, and the Trim Bin Filter is stackable with all Trim Bins; you can use all three to sort your work and collect desired plant particles (sold separately).

Worried you’re not prepared? Each Trim Bin Filter includes one 16 x 17.5 inch collection bag, and the entire unit is easy to clean and carry.