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Guard 'n Spray - 1 GAL / 4 L

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Bottle of Guard 'n Spray insecticide
hands pouring guard 'n spray insecticide
farmer holding Guard 'n Spray insecticide
Bottle of Guard 'n Spray insecticide

Guard ‘n Spray is an organic, easy-to-use, concentrated insecticide formulated by the same people who created Terpinator®. Developed using a combination of food-grade ingredients and botanical extracts, Guard ‘n Spray is OMRI Listed® and a FIFRA 25 (B)-approved pesticide product that is safe for food and feed crops, home and commercial gardens, and other applications.
This OMRI-Listed formulation of food-grade cinnamon, rosemary, and sesame oils work to desiccate, starve, and suffocate garden pests without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. Cinnamon oil is a known repellent for many types of pests, and the combination of sesame and rosemary oils has a toxic effect when consumed by biting or sucking insects. These oils also contribute to the suffocant action of Guard ‘n Spray, which clogs pest insects’ breathing tubes. Citric acid helps to break down and desiccate exoskeletons and fungal spores on contact before they can establish solid colonies on your plants. Guard ‘n Spray’s components all feature mechanisms of action fatal to adults, larvae, and eggs for a full-spectrum organic insecticide solution. When contact occurs, pests are suffocated when their exoskeletons are coated and rendered unable to digest proteins upon consumption, killing the pests and preventing new or worsening infestations. Guard ‘n Spray also effectively attacks mold and mildew spores, preventing their spread and helping to combat the reestablishment of new colonies.

The multifaceted formula effectively treats, manages, and eliminates spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, beetles, and thrips. Guard ‘n Spray is a concentrated formula that can be incorporated at varying strengths to meet your needs. It’s an ideal option for gardeners seeking a safe, natural insecticide that integrates easily into a state-compliant Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

How do I use Guard ‘n Spray?
Guard ‘n Spray’s ultra-concentrated formula can be deployed via sprayers, atomizers, or foggers with ease, making it a versatile yet safe pesticide for growers of any scale. Guard ‘n Spray can be diluted for maintenance or preventative treatments at 15 ml of concentrate per gallon. For full-strength or reactive applications, use at 30 ml per gallon. When using Guard ‘n Spray as a soil drench to treat soil-borne pests, dilute at a ratio of 15 ml per gallon. Guard ‘n Spray should not be used more than twice per day. Use Guard ‘n Spray at sunrise, sunset, or during periods of low-intensity light. Avoid use in conditions of extreme direct light or heat over 90°F. Guard ‘n Spray can be used through the entire vegetative phase and early bloom stage.

1 quart or liter of concentrate makes up to 64 gallons. 1 gallon makes up to 256 gallons
Use in fogger or atomizer systems for complete coverage throughout your crop
Controls aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, broad mites, and more
Zero re-entry time reduces downtime between tasks
Use as a preventative spray once per day for optimal results
Turn-key solution for compliant pest control. It won’t harm bees and other beneficial insects