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Growth Science Solid Start - 275 GAL TOTE

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Growth Science’s Solid Start is a vegetative cycle booster derived from cold-pressed kelp that can be used as a root drench or foliar spray. Extra nitrogen and potassium also help bolster the necessary macronutrients needed to support vigorous vegetative growth, while minerals and compounds found in the cold-pressed kelps aid in vital plant processes.

Why use Solid Start?
Solid Start is an excellent way to rapidly increase vegetative growth, leading to a higher overall number of flowering nodes as the flowering phase approaches. In addition, Solid Start is a way to ensure that your veg cycle will be as successful as possible, which leads to a more successful harvest down the road. Beneficial compounds responsible for making Giant Pacific Kelp one of the fastest-growing organisms on earth are also left unaltered in Solid Start, allowing these compounds to be used by your plants.

Directions for use:
Solid Start is used from the cloning/seedling phase into the transition phase of the plant’s life cycle. It can be applied as a foliar spray or a root drench.

Rooted Clones/Seedlings – 3 ml/gallon
Mild Vegetative – 6 ml/gallon
Aggressive Vegetative – 7 ml/gallon
Transition: 7 ml/gallon

Allow for 10 – 25% runoff for best results. Nutrient solution should be kept at 5.7-6.2 for coco and hydro, and 6.0-6.5 for soil.
Feed rates vary by media type. Contact a representative for more details. Depicted feed rates are for drain to waste hydro or Coco Coir set up.