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Growth Science Opulent Harvest - 1 QT / 1 L - Case of 12

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Growth Science’s Opulent Harvest is an organic bloom booster that encourages larger, more aromatic flowers, and high-quality fruits to develop in flowering plants. Packed with biodynamic ferments of nettle, comfrey, dandelion, horsetail, and alfalfa combined with natural potassium, Opulent Harvest delivers a unique combination of all-natural compounds designed to maximize your flowering output.
Why use Opulent Harvest?

Opulent Harvest gives plants the essential elements required for transitioning into flower production. This means your plants will be able to produce the high-quality fruits and flowers they’re capable of making under the most ideal conditions As flower site development progresses, intense aromatics and oil production will increase alongside them. Opulent Harvest also helps achieve an increase in the structure and density of the plant with stockier, sturdier shoots and branches, and more compact internodal spacing. You’ve worked hard on your garden; use Opulent Harvest to make that hard work pay off.
This formula is a CDFA OIM, WSDA-Registered Material, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed®, making it a must-have for NOP-compliant or Organic-Focused systems. This and all Growth Science products are safe to use in automated delivery systems such as Dosatron® and other fertilizer injectors.
Available in quart, gallon, 2.5-gallon, 6-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes. Totes available by request.

Directions for use:
Opulent Harvest is used in the transition and flowering phases of the plant’s life cycle.

Transition to Flower – 10 ml/gallon
Bloom – 10 – 15 ml/gallon
Late Bloom – 15 ml/gallon
Final Week – Flush with ph balanced water (6.2-6.5 pH)
Use Opulent HarvestTM as a foliar feed during the first 2 weeks of flower (or until inflorescence
begin to form). Spray 1-2x per week at the rate of 10 ml/gallon
Shake well before use.

Fertigation Directions:
Make sure to run clean water through lines after every feeding.
Do NOT store diluted or after nutrients have been mixed with water.