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Growers Choice SE 315W CMH 10K

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Grower’s Choice final phase 10k-CMH finishing lamp should be used during the last week to two weeks before harvest and is specifically designed to emit photons mainly in the ultraviolet 350-425 nm wavelength. As high amounts of UV light cause damage to plant cells, plants compensate in order to protect itself and facilitate reproduction by releasing more resinous oils which translates into a higher quality yield.

The addition of 10K UV light towards the end of the bloom cycle increases resin production in flowering plants as a defense mechanism in response to the ultraviolet light. Now, growers using CMH fixtures can get these benefits too with the industry’s first and only 315w 10K MH Finishing Lamp.

For use in 315w CMH fixtures

Strong UV peaks for increased resin production

Can be used for 25+ flower cycles before replacement

Use only in the last 7-14 days of flowering

Durable quartz glass arc tube ensures long usable life