Giant Injection Root Pruning Pot (180L) 50 Gallon

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Thanks to several requests from the market and the technological application to the regular container used in the nursery, VARIA is born: as light as a container, ''the bigger brother'' of the Ercole pot is the best alternative to open field production.

Varia has a hole-like structure, which has been carefully studied to maintain an even oxygen level inside of it; this, together with sharp edges and inward flexures of the walls which block expansion, help strengthen the roots. The growth of roots is radial and homogeneous, it happens faster, thanks to the placement of holes which inhibit the creation of spirals. The antispiralizing effect limits unsuccessful transplants and guarantees, once planted, healthy and stable plants. The holes and the shoulders at the bottom help the drainage of water and avoid the formation of rotten parts, first cause of unhealthy environment, the first cause of the death of the plant. Its thicker walls make it a container which can bear different types of stress: weight, moving, stacking can’t change its structure.

Varia requires a proper use of the substrate since oxygen goes through the substrate itself, making it fundamental to use coconut fiber.

Healthy and fast growth of the roots
Very good drainage
No more rotten parts
Reduced death risk in plants
No stress from transplant