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GeoPot Tan - 200 GAL

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GeoPot fabric pot’s signature fabric and novel construction help growers achieve the ideal root environment which promotes water and nutrient uptake for rapid yield and plant development throughout each growth cycle.

GeoPot, a breathable fabric container constructed of the thickest nonwoven polypropylene material available, allows air to easily reach your plants’ root zones, delivering superior drainage and creating a healthier root environment. The porous material is reinforced with high-quality bonded-polyester thread and is available in black or tan to accommodate your growing environment.

GeoPot fabric pot’s innovative quad-stitched construction allows the container to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure while retaining its self-supporting form and structural integrity, even in challenging climatic conditions and during irrigation. The container’s sturdy handles (optional) make it easy, quick, and safe to move your plants, while the square bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in your grow area.

GeoPot fabric pots are versatile and have applications and benefits that any grower will love. For indoor growers, GeoPot provides excellent drainage, allowing for frequent, heavy feeding. GeoPot fabric pots are great for quick-drying substrates and can be used with both soil and soilless media. GeoPot fabric pots are also easily reusable and can be quickly cleaned and sanitized six times before needing replacement.

Outdoor and organic growers will also love GeoPot durability and longevity. With the thickest fabric available on the market and bonded polyester threading, GeoPot fabric pots are designed to withstand even the most demanding of outdoor environments for years to come. GeoPot is also available in tan color, which allows for a reduction in root-zone temperature in extreme heat, reducing stress on your plants. GeoPot is also available with handles for easy transport in sizes up to 45 gallons in tan, and 65 gallons in black, a favorite color for greenhouse and outdoor growers.

GeoPot also features a Fabric Transplanter Pot with a Velcro seam, which makes transplanting easy for you and your plants! The GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam allows the side of the container to open for easy removal of the root ball when transplanting, which makes transplanting quick and easy while reducing transplanting shock.

How are GeoPot Fabric Pots different from plastic pots?
- GeoPot fabric pots’ breathable fabric allows for superior drainage and aeration of your root-zone. Unlike traditional plastic pots, roots are naturally air-pruned when they come to the outer edges of the GeoPot, stunting their outward growth and promoting the growth of more lateral roots throughout the media. Plastic pots can trap a small layer of water and nutrients between the substrate and the inner edge of the plastic, causing roots to grow toward the edges of the pot where they become root-bound. Air pruning prevents your plants from becoming root-bound, which can drastically impact nutrient uptake and yields. Improved oxygen levels and drainage in the root zone promoted by the porous fabric help improve soil biology and reduce the likelihood of root-zone issues like root-rot and fusarium.

Available sizes: 1/4 gallon to 1000 gallon