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GeoPot Round Bottom - 5 GAL - Case of 50

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This option offers the same reliable function and durability of regular GeoPot Fabric Pots, but features a slightly slimmer, vase-like shape that can help showcase ornamental or decorative plants.

Product Features List
Excellent breathability and drainage to keep roots cool
Aeration promotes air pruning for better fruit and higher yields
Durable, washable, and reusable for up to 5 growing cycles
Perfect for ornamentals, decorative, herbs, and climbing plants
Approximately 1” taller than a regular GeoPot
Available in 2-, 3-, and 5-gallon sizes
With function and durability at their foundation, these Round Bottom GeoPot Fabric Pot options present a slimmer look that can enhance the ambiance of any garden. They deliver all the benefits you expect from GeoPot, including heat regulation, excellent drainage, and air pruning, while also offering an attractive platform for ornamentals, herbs, and climbing and decorative plants.

What is air pruning and how does it help your garden?
The porous fabric used in GeoPlanter and GeoPot products allows the root tips of your plants to be exposed to dry air, which effectively “prunes” them by stopping their growth. Plants react by rapidly creating secondary feeder roots which enhance nutrient and water uptake and accelerate development of a stronger root system to give you lush, healthy plants and flowers.