Frame 2, White - Fits AIRPLATE S2, Passive Vent Grill 6" Thin

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Designed to be installed into cabinets or walls to help increase ventilation.
Is the exact same dimensions as AIRPLATE S2; and can be used to replace their black mounting frames.
Simply unscrew the top and bottom screws of the controller to remove the original frame, and fasten on the new frame.
Features a CNC machined aluminum frame, and flat screw heads; all painted matte white.
Kit includes (2) wood mounting screws, (2) machine mounting screws with nuts, and (4) fan mounting screws with nuts.

The Cabinet Ventilation Grille is a 5.9 by 2.0 inch metal grill that can be installed into cabinets and walls to help increase ventilation. It is the same exact dimensions as AIRPLATE S2 and can be used to replace their black mounting frames by using a a phillips head screwdriver. The frames can also be used in conjunction with a fan system to act as a passive intake or exhaust vent. To mount the grille into your cabinet or wall, you would need to cut a square hole approximately 3.42 by 2.28 inches. Features a CNC machined aluminum frame and flat-head screws, all painted matte white. Information on the additional included hardware can be found below.

Includes two wood screws and two machine screws with nuts to mount the ventilation grille onto a cabinet or wall. All mounting screw heads are painted matte white to match the mounting frame. Also includes four fan screws to help secure the AIRPLATE S2 blower onto the white grille.